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Current Community Enrichment Instructors
Thank you for continuing to offer interesting and informative classes to the community.  We are currently accepting class proposals for Winter/Spring 2019-2020. If you are interested in offering a class, please contact Lesley Lankerd at 269-323-6770 or

Class Proposals may be submitted for the year or per catalog.
Due Dates
Winter/Spring Catalog (January-May): September 17, 2019

No Class Dates

Classes will not meet on No School Days or at locations where open houses, conferences and parent nights are being held.

You may view the No Class Dates by a quick reference list or by calendar view.
Calendar View of No Class Dates   
No EfL Class Dates 2019-2020 Quick Reference

Prospective Community Enrichment Instructors

Do you have a class you would like to offer to the community?

Call or email Lesley Lankerd to discuss your ideas - or 269-323-6770